McNabb earns NCPA Outstanding Adherence Practitioner Award

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BOSTON — Benjamin McNabb owner of Love Oak Pharmacy in Eastland, Texas, was honored with the 2018 NCPA Innovation Center Outstanding Adherence Practitioner Award in recognition of his commitment to improving medication adherence. The award is sponsored by PrescribeWellness and was presented at the recent NCPA 2018 Annual Convention in Boston.

“Ben McNabb’s dedication to improving patient outcomes is obvious in his efforts to help them manage their medications,” said NCPA President David Smith. “He is spreading the word about the importance of medication adherence and is innovative and forward-looking. The programs implemented at Love Oak Pharmacy have resulted in success not only in terms of engaging patients in his community, but also have helped Ben’s pharmacy remain successful.”

McNabb purchased what was then Eastland Drug in 2015 and renamed it Love Oak Pharmacy. When acquired, none of Love Oak Pharmacy’s patients were on a medication adherence program. Now, more than 400 patients are on its community pharmacy-based adherence program. McNabb’s goal is 100% adherence.

McNabb graduated from University of Texas in 2012, but his interest in pharmacy began when he was 16 and got his first job at Eastland Drug, his hometown pharmacy and the same one he and his wife, Heather, later acquired.

Love Oak Pharmacy emphasizes adherence and medication synchronization services to its patients and utilizes a pill-packing machine to help patients manage multiple medications. McNabb also uses business intelligence to identify non-adherent patients, missed refills, and other factors vital to patients. Love Oak’s website emphasizes how adherence packaging makes it easier for patients to manage multiple medications. McNabb says tools such as social media helped McNabb grow his revenue by 24 percent in the first year he offered adherence packaging services.

In addition, McNabb is involved with professional groups and projects working to improve patient health. He was recently appointed to the Texas HHSC Value-Based Payment and Quality Improvement Advisory Committee, a four-year appointment.

“PrescribeWellness is proud to join the NCPA Innovation Center in recognizing Benjamin McNabb as the 2018 Outstanding Adherence Practitioner Award recipient,” said PrescribeWellness CEO Al Babbington. “His efforts are a prime example of how by going ‘Beyond The Fill,’ pharmacists are uniquely positioned to expand patient care and improve overall patient health across America.”



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