MedBank Solutions expands partnership with Polaris Pharmacy Services

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PHOENIX, Ariz. – CUBEX LLC’s MedBank Medical Solutions announced  it is expanding its partnership with Florida-based Polaris Pharmacy Services, a top provider of long-term care pharmacy solutions.

Polaris will outfit its new pharmacies in Michigan, Minnesota and Florida with MedBank Mini and Tower devices allowing them to reduce labor costs, while improving medication security, availability and delivery for their customers in different states, according to Polaris’ chief operating officer Steve Baker.

The MedBank Mini and Tower offer automated, DEA regulatory safeguards for storage of controlled substances and other medications, alongside bi-directional integration with pharmacy information management and electronic medical records systems creating a closed-loop workflow for better medication management.  The devices feature the unique MedBank CUBIE Exchange Process, the most secure medication management process in the long-term care market.

Baker cites MedBank’s secured CUBIE technology replenishment process with its extensive State Pharmacy Board regulatory approval as a major factor in helping Polaris expand to other states.

“As a MedBank customer for more than 3 years, we know the value their automated technology brings to the table for not only our company’s future pharmacy expansion plans, but also for medication safety and operational efficiency,” he added. “We have seen significant savings in stat and back-up deliveries using their solution in our pharmacies. MedBank provides the highest accountability for medication management, allowing us to deliver the best possible service to our customers.”

“Polaris has always been ahead of the curve in recognizing how technology helps build a strong foundation, not only for their pharmacies but their clients as well,” stated Michael Boivin, MedBank Medical Solutions president.   “We’re proud to be part of the growth of their business and look forward to their continued success.”

MedBank Mini and Tower are available now through a simple monthly subscription. Visit to learn more or call 480.470.3284 to schedule a demo.



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