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Medicine Shoppe selects franchisee of year

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LAS VEGAS — John Balch was named 2015 Medicine Shoppe Franchisee of the Year during Cardinal Health Inc.’s annual Retail Business Conference (RBC).

Medicine Shoppe and Medicap Pharmacy Franchisee of the Year 2015 award winner: John Balch.

John Balch, the 2015 Medicine Shoppe Franchisee of the Year

Balch, based in Cumberland, Md., was recognized for his patient-oriented service and ability to meet the unique needs of the diverse communities his pharmacies serve.

The award honors a pharmacy that serves as a role model for other franchisees to emulate. In honor of Balch, Medicine Shoppe International (MSI) donated $5,000 to the nonprofit organization of his choice.

“As a pharmacist, president and chief executive officer of the PharmaCare Network, a member of the Medicine Shoppe family, John’s commitment to patient-oriented pharmacy is reflected in the passion he has for the mission of the Medicine Shoppe and Medicap Pharmacy franchise systems, and especially his unwavering support of franchise’s new co-branding option,” said MSI vice president John Fiacco.

Balch operates three fully branded Medicine Shoppe pharmacies and recently co-branded his remaining four pharmacies as members of the Medicine Shoppe family.

Fiacco added, “John’s focus on patient service really fueled the growth of his first independent pharmacy in 1977 into the fully integrated health care organizations he manages today — each of which deliver unique, customized services to a diverse population of ­communities.”

Each of Balch’s pharmacies offers unique services that reflect the needs of the unique populations in the areas they serve, including a college town, a farming community, urban environments and even a local medical center. His pharmacies offer health education and adherence programs to help ensure patients are compliant with their medications, and medication therapy management services for patients who require them.

At one of his pharmacies, Balch also initiated a patient discharge program in partnership with the regional medical center to better serve patients, encourage medication compliance and help reduce hospital readmission rates. The PharmaCare Network also provides care to patients with acute and chronic conditions, including home infusion combined with specialty pharmacy services.

Also announced at RBC was the MSI Professional Achievement award, presented to John Forbes, of Urbandale, Iowa, in recognition of his contributions to the advancement of the pharmacy profession.

The MSI Operational Excellence award was presented to Devin Trone, of Meridian, Idaho; Bobbie Barbrey, of Raleigh, N.C.; and Al and Roshni Patel, of Whiting, N.J., for their support and commitment to delivering the kind of differentiated care that defines the Medicine Shoppe and Medicap Pharmacy experience.

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