Medly now offers same-day free Rx delivery to Southern Connecticut

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BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Medly announced a further expansion in the New York Tri-State area with a new location in Stamford, Connecticut. This expansion comes on the heels of Medly’s new Jersey City location and highlights the consumer demand for technology-enabled pharmacies that combine the convenience of same-day free delivery with knowledgeable pharmacists and a wide selection of vitamins, supplements, and wellness products. In addition to serving residents of Stamford, the new location will also serve residents who live in the communities of Bridgeport, Danbury and New Haven – a combined population of over a million and a half people.

Founded by second-generation pharmacy owners, Medly combines decades of insights and disruptive technology to improve medication adherence rates and reduce healthcare disparities. In addition to offering free, same-day courier delivery, Medly’s platform assists with prior authorizations and provides medication reminders, personalized dosage packaging, and medication synchronization to empower patients to overcome social determinants of health and other challenges to access their medications and take them as prescribed. Patients can now download Medly’s new IOS app to view, transfer and schedule prescriptions all from one place.

The combination of Medly’s free-delivery service, easy-to-use mobile app, on-demand access to health professionals, and medication adherence services will help Connecticut improve health outcomes, expand access, and reduce healthcare disparities. A recent report by the Connecticut Health Foundation showed the need for these services. It found racial disparities among several conditions that can be successfully managed with medication. Among diabetics, black residents are four times more likely to suffer serious complications from diabetes than white residents, and among children with asthma, black children are five and a half times more likely than white children to go to the emergency room due to severe complications.

“With our new Stamford location, Medly will help improve lives by enabling over a million additional patients to seamlessly access their prescriptions through our same day free-delivery and various pharmacy services,” said Marg Patel, CEO and cofounder of Medly. “We know that Medly’s technology platform drives improved health outcomes. When this is combined with the wellness products and pharmacy services, we’ll transform the way our customers take control of their health.”

Medly provides customer service in twelve languages, dispenses all medications – non-sterile compounding, specialty, brand, generic, biologics, and topical– and accepts all types of insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. Medly customer experience is unmatched with a net-promoter-score 4.5 times greater than the average pharmacy. Patients can access Medly’s dedicated team of health and pharmacy experts seven days a week and choose between free delivery or visit the new retail location at 55 Bedford St, Stamford, CT.


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