Megalabs USA enters North American market, plans expansion of Prunelax Gummies formulation

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MIAMI — Megalabs USA, a subsidiary of Megalabs International Inc., has opened offices in Miami, Fla. and will be headed by CEO Fabian Rivero. Before taking the CEO position, Rivero was the chief legal officer & Member of the board of directors of Megalabs (a multinational Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Group) and continues to be an active member of the company’s executive committee. Megalabs USA manufactures (through its affiliates), markets, and distributes over-the-counter products that are formulated with plant extracts, known for their medicinal attributes, and nutraceuticals, vitamins, and minerals to produce highly effective products in various wellness categories.

The company’s mission is to develop and market effective over-the-counter medicines and nutraceuticals, preferably of natural origin, that improve the health and quality of our customers’ lives. Among other products, Megalabs USA manufactures and distributes Prunelax, a leader in natural and effective solutions to maintain bowel regularity, and the newly announced and launched Prunelax Gummies, a new option for the brand’s popular lineup of laxative supplements. Prunelax is widely distributed throughout the Americas through multiple retail channels including drug, food, mass, and e-commerce.

 Rivero explained the new product was designed with consumers in mind, adding that, “in a space that sees an abundance of pills, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of Prunelax products ranging from traditional tablets to teas, liquids, and jams.” And also highlights that, “with our new Prunelax Gummies, we expand our line again with a tasty, chewable option for the whole family.”

Made from Senna leaves extract and Prune fruit extract that relieves occasional constipation and helps maintain bowel regularity, Prunelax products deliver overnight natural relief. Prunelax Gummies feature natural flavors, colorants, and natural active ingredients including Senna and prune fruit extracts, which work in as little as eight hours. Prunelax Gummies are a vegan and gluten-free supplement for occasional constipation for ages four to adult {always consult your healthcare professional for personal health guidance}. Prunelax Gummies are sold at major pharmacy and retail chains such as Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart. In addition to gummies, Prunelax is also available as tablets, liquids, jam, and tea and is one of the only products on the market with Extra Strength dosing options.


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