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Millennial-friendly CBD brand launches new look and set to exceed $1 million in 2018

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TEMPE, Ariz. — With the explosion of CBD as a new frontier in modern self-care, Populum has set out to create a modern and approachable hemp oil brand unbridled by the confines of the stigma attached to hemp products, especially during their recently-launched rebrand, which was designed with the intention to make the product feel safe and trustworthy, as well as break the “sketchiness” that people may feel when shopping for hemp CBD oil.

Populum offers hemp CBD tinctures in four concentrations, as well as topical and pet-specific products.

Their recent rebrand, which includes clean, colorful, and playful new packaging with an updated website and ecommerce experience, has come naturally to the company with their growing reputation in the market as a premium product aiming to introduce hemp to the mainstream market.

“We feel that this new look is the best representation of who we are as a company,” said Gunhee Park, Populum’s founder. “Having a brand that is not only top quality on the inside of the bottle, but also in our presentation is something that is of the highest priority for us.”

Populum’s transparency and previously unseen approach to the hemp industry has resulted in major growth, and it is projected to approach $1.4 million by the end of 2018.

A common misconception with hemp is that it is the same as marijuana. Though both are derived from the cannabis plant, hemp and marijuana are grown in different ways, resulting in two very different materials. Marijuana is grown in a controlled atmosphere in order to ensure concentration of THC, the chemical in marijuana that has psychoactive effects and results in a “high.” Hemp is grown in open fields, has no psychoactive effects, and can be used in hundreds of different applications.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found in hemp and is an up-and-coming wellness trend in which people take in a variety of ways, including from a tincture, as a topical, or even infused in lattes and other edible products. Due to the fact that CBD is derived from hemp, there is a lot of stigma surrounding the product that has inhibited it from becoming part of a mainstream market.

“Although this crop has been around for hundreds of years, many people are only trying it for the first time,” said Park. “We feel that people have been deprived of a vital supplement for a better quality of life.”

Populum’s community involvement spans beyond the hemp industry as well, as they donate company money to various charities, particularly organizations that are focused on health coaching and helping people with chronic conditions.

“This brand goes beyond us,” said Park. “It’s about giving back to the community and ensuring that every individual has a chance at achieving their best health.”


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