MPG teams up with e-commerce specialist IdeoClick

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PRINCETON, N.J. — Market Performance Group (MPG) has formed a strategic partnership with IdeoClick Inc., a Seattle-based provider of e-commerce management solutions.

MPG said Thursday that the partnership will enable it to add best-in-class e-commerce capabilities to its current suite of go-to-market, category and brand leadership, and sales services capabilities. IdeoClick provides leading tools and services that accelerate the digital path-to-purchase.

Marc Greenberger_MPG

Marc Greenberger, MPG

“Digital has fundamentally changed the nature of growth, and an integrated digital strategy — starting with getting the strategy right for e-commerce juggernaut Amazon — is a strategic imperative,” stated Marc Greenberger, MPG founder and managing partner.

“We are working with our clients to rethink their business models, organizational structures and capabilities, and approaches to category management, marketing and supply chain,” Greenberger explained. “The partnership between MPG and IdeoClick will combine the unique expertise and deep industry knowledge and quality of the MPG team with the cutting-edge e-commerce expertise of IdeoClick to deliver strong end-to-end e-commerce solutions for our clients.”

MPG noted that e-commerce continues to grow as a consumer shopping choice, with 15% growth annually versus about 4% for overall retail in the United States, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Market research firm IRI estimated that by 2022, e-commerce will account for 18% of sales across the nonfood sector.

IdeoClick is led by chief executive officer Justin Leigh and chairman Tom Furphy. Before founding IdeoClick, Leigh served as a product manager at Amazon. And Furphy is a former vice president of consumables and AmazonFresh at Amazon.

“We are eager to put our team, tech platform and workflow systems to work for MPG’s clients,” Leigh commented. “By combining technology and e-commerce expertise with proven retail channel strategy and execution, we’re able to make online success a frictionless and achievable goal for brands.”

MPG provides strategic consulting and sales services to consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers, with its clients ranging from large, multinational companies to small, entrepreneurial start-ups.


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