NACDS hails four Arkansas laws enhancing patient access to critical pharmacist-provided services

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ARLINGTON, Va..— NACDS is applauding four new laws that will enhance Arkansans’ access to pharmacist-provided healthcare services:

  1. Act 503: On April 1, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (R) signed into law legislation (Act 503led by State Rep. Lee Johnson (R). The new law allows pharmacists to test and treat flu, strep and other health conditions that can be screened using CLIA-waived rapid-result tests and that may be adopted by rule of the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy. 
  2. Act 406: On March 22, Gov. Hutchinson signed into law legislation (Act 406sponsored by State Rep. Justin Boyd (R) that grants Arkansas pharmacists the ability to prescribe and administer all vaccinations and immunizations to individuals ages three or older. 
  3. Act 408: On March 22, Gov. Hutchinson also signed into law Act 408 – legislation sponsored by State Rep. Aaron Pilkington (R) which allows pharmacists (who have completed proper training defined by the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy) to initiate therapy and administer or dispense oral contraceptives. 
  4. Act 407: Additionally, on March 22, legislation (Act 407– sponsored by State Rep. Boyd – became law, allowing Arkansas pharmacy technicians to administer vaccinations and immunizations to individuals ages three years or older if delegated by a supervising pharmacist. 

“We commend Gov. Hutchinson and the Arkansas state legislature for their strong leadership in advancing legislation which greatly increases patient access to healthcare services provided by highly trained and educated pharmacists and their staff teams,” said NACDS president and CEO Steven Anderson. “Nearly 500 member pharmacies are located throughout the State of Arkansas – each providing easy access to various healthcare services in underserved, rural and urban communities. Throughout the pandemic, community pharmacies and pharmacists have helped patients maintain critical access to the quality care they need and deserve, and Arkansas’ new legislation will help expand these crucial access points during COVID-19 and beyond.” 

NACDS thanks the following state leaders and state associations for their important roles in advancing the bills, now laws: 

  • Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (R) 
  • The Arkansas state legislature
  • State Rep. Lee Johnson (R), sponsor of HB1246/Act 503
  • State Senator David Wallace (R), sponsor of HB1246/Act 503 
  • State Rep. Ken Bragg (R), sponsor of HB1246/Act 503 
  • State Rep. Jon S. Eubanks (R), sponsor of HB1246/Act 503 
  • State Senator Bart Hester (R), sponsor of HB1246/Act 503
  • State Rep. Justin Boyd (R), sponsor of HB1134/Act 406 & HB1135/Act 407
  • State Senator Ben Gilmore (R), sponsor of HB1134/Act 406 & HB1135/Act 407
  • State Rep. Aaron Pilkington (R), sponsor of HB1135/Act 407 & HB1069/Act 408 
  • State Senator Breanne Davis (R), sponsor of HB1069/Act 408 
  • State Rep. Austin McCollum (R), sponsor of HB1069/Act 408
  • State Senator Trent Garner (R), sponsor of HB1069/Act 408 
  • Arkansas Pharmacists Association – John Vinson, Pharm.D., CEO & Debra Wolfe, Director of Government Affairs 
  • Arkansas Grocers and Retail Merchants Association – Steve Goode, Executive Director 



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