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NACDS PAC Breakfast: Annual Meeting day three

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Monday at the 2017 NACDS Annual Meeting brought the NACDS Chain Members & PAC Breakfast with keynote speaker Karl Rove, the D.C. political analyst and strategist.

“We need to move from a centralized, ‘Washington decides everything’ health care system to one in which we empower consumers, patients, their physicians and their health care providers to make these decisions,” Rove told NACDS-TV following the breakfast. “That means we need more opportunities for people and more options for them, not just one size fits all.”

At the NACDS PAC Breakfast, Good Neighbor Pharmacy president Brian Nightengale commented, “The PAC is strong. It set records this year, which is really important given all of the issues that pharmacy and retail is facing these days.”

Later on, author and former Canadian First Lady Margaret Trudeau gave an inspirational speech at the NACDS Luncheon, where she discussed her struggle with bipolar disorder.

“What we really need is a very human approach [to treatment],” Trudeau said in an interview with NACDS-TV. “In the chain drug stores, have ‘mental health days’ where people can come in to talk about their mental health issues.”

NACDS-TV’s day-three roundup also features Ricardo Borrero of Presto Absorbent Products, Daniel Salemi of Albertsons Cos. and Rick Keyes of Meijer.


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