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Natrol launches Sleep+

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CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Natrol has launched Natrol Sleep+, a line of innovative sleep aid gummies that are drug free and combine melatonin and secondary ingredients with immune health, calm, and beauty benefits, each uniquely formulated to plus up your sleep. As more and more people seek healthy self-care products, this new line of sleep supplements from Natrol will help provide restful and revitalizing sleep.

An essential part of a person’s overall health and well-being is sleep. A healthy sleep routine can boost your mood, improve memory, lower health risks, drive up productivity and strengthen your immune system. Natrol Sleep+, the #1 drug-free sleep aid brand in America^, is a collection of melatonin gummies, with three adult formulas and two for kids, ages 4 and older.

“The truth is, the past year has been filled with a variety of stressors, whether balancing busy work and family activities, adjusting to increased screen time or the dramatic shifts in schedules, our sleep-wake cycles have definitely been affected,” said Director of Product Management & Innovation for Natrol, Harel Shapira. “We know healthy sleep is a key ingredient to our daily wellness routine, so for those who are looking for more nourishing and revitalizing sleep, we’re confident that the new Sleep+ products will provide safe and effective solutions for the entire family.”

All of the new Natrol Sleep+ gummies are great-tasting, 100% drug-free, non-GMO, vegetarian & gelatin free, and free of synthetic dyes, artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. The innovative blends include:

  • Natrol Sleep+ Immune Health – supports a healthy immune system and helps you get revitalizing sleep .
  • Natrol Sleep+ Calm – helps calm an active mind and body to ease you to sleep.
  • Natrol Sleep+ Beauty – helps you get better sleep and wake up looking refreshed and renewed.
  • Natrol Kids Sleep+ Immune Health – supports a kid’s healthy immune system and helps them get refreshing sleep.
  • Natrol Kids Sleep+ Calm – helps calm an active mind and body before bedtime to ease your child to sleep.

New Natrol Sleep+ products can be found online and in the VMS aisle nationwide.


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