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Natrol launches superfruit antioxidant supplements

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CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Natrol Inc. has introduced three new supplements with superfruit antioxidant capacity.

The nutritional supplement manufacturer said the new Natrol MaquiBerry, Natrol Resveratrol Diet and Natrol Resveratrol Weekend Cleanse products are available in select retail chains and health food stores nationwide.

MaquiBerry is carried by Walgreens and health food retailers, Resveratrol Diet is available at Walgreens and Walmart stores, and Resveratrol Weekend Cleanse is being offered at Walgreens locations.

The company said Natrol MaquiBerry brings the energy and immune health benefits of Maqui berries, which also contain one of the highest known anthocyanin levels of any berry. Anthocyanins are naturally occurring antioxidants, found in the dark skin of the berry, that help protect the body against oxidative stress commonly associated with aging. Natrol MaquiBerry provides 1,000 mg of superantioxidant fruit extract per serving.

Meanwhile, Natrol Resveratrol Diet features polyphenols with the powerful antioxidant capacity to help neutralize free radicals, which is key to increasing physical activity to get in shape, according to Natrol.

With a triple-action formula of antioxidants, enzymes and other nutrients, Resveratrol Diet is designed to assist weight loss by boosting the body’s calorie-burning and energy, and promoting fat metabolism with such ingredients resveratrol (from red wine grape extract and Japanese knotweed), green tea extract and Metabolic Activator (a targeted caffeine blend that helps rev up metabolism and calorie-burning). The supplement also contains berry digest (a special enzyme blend to help support digestion) and chromium (to promote fat metabolism).

And Natrol said Resveratrol Weekend Cleanse is a specialty supplement designed to cleanse and detoxify and help promote a flatter looking stomach in just one weekend, with a three-step program that supports digestive health quickly and effectively.

The regimen works as follows: ResV-X Cleanse Now (10 capsules) to minimize occasional constipation and bloating; Detox Now (10 capsules) to reduce toxins and provides liver support via antioxidant protection and cell regeneration; and Replenish Now (10 capsules), which provides probiotics to help restore the friendly bacteria that protect and strengthen the gastro-intestinal tract.

The three new products join Natrol’s line of acai superfruit offerings, which include Natrol AcaiBerry 1,000 mg, Natrol AcaiBerry Diet and Natrol AcaiBerry Weekend Cleanse.


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