Natural Grocers partners with RangeMe

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SAN FRANCISCO — Natural Grocers is teaming with RangeMe to streamline the search for innovative products that meet their high-quality standards for customers.

“Our new partnership with RangeMe will help immensely in streamlining Natural Grocers’ vendor submission program,” explained Laura Perkins, Natural Grocers vice president of Purchasing. “The digitization of the process means that before samples are even sent we can quickly see which vendor submissions meet our high-quality standards. The efficiency this brings to our process helps save on shipping and packaging waste and allows the purchasing team time to focus on key items and categories that we are looking to expand. We are also excited about the possibilities RangeMe provides in connecting us with new brands and products.”

With an ongoing commitment to supporting their communities with high-quality products, Natural Grocers, thenation’s largest family-operated natural and organic grocery retailer, continues to expand its offerings by adding products that meet the retailers’ high-quality guidelines. Natural Grocers adheres to their clearly defined list ofingredients they will not carry, including no hydrogenated oils, colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives, which is routinely evaluated against the latest research. This guide is used when vetting products to bring into their stores.

“Natural Grocers is deeply committed to the communities they serve, and providing those communities with the innovative, high-quality products they want is critical,” says Nicky Jackson, CEO and Founder of RangeMe. “They have high standards for their products across all departments, and with more than 200,000 suppliers on RangeMe, their buyers can connect with both emerging and established brands that meet those standards.”

Leveraging RangeMe will help streamline the discovery process by getting products in front of Natural Grocers’ Standards teams more efficiently and help qualify vendor submissions early on. This will also eliminate the shipping of samples that do not meet their criteria, avoiding any shipping and packaging waste.

The Colorado-based grocery retailer has 162 stores in 20 states and was founded on the visionary belief that everyone should be able to afford a healthy lifestyle and live in a thriving, regenerating environment. Providing access to fresh, 100% organic produce, high-quality organic and natural groceries, including 100% humanely and sustainably raised meats, 100% free-range eggs, and 100% pasture-based dairy, 100% non-GMO pre-packaged bulk goods, dietary supplements, body care, and household essentials at an Always Affordable PriceSM, Natural Grocers is eager to work with suppliers that are as committed to high-quality standards as they are.




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