Nature Made Wellblends announces unique new partnership with The Home Edit

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WEST HILLS, Calif. — Today, Nature Made Wellblends kicked off a partnership with home organization experts, and stars of the hit Netflix series Get Organized with The Home Edit, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, to help inspire people to optimize their wellness routines and keep stress, sleep and immune health in balance.

Wellblend teams up with The Home Edit founders, Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer.

Nature Made—the leading vitamin and supplement brand providing quality, science-backed solutions for more than 50 years—launched Wellblends™ earlier this year, as a complete line of 13 scientifically curated blends that support the complex interplay between sleep, stress and immune health. The new line of products is available at major retailers across the country as well as on www.naturemade.com.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Nature Made Wellblends —we’re such fans of the brand and have used Nature Made products for years,” shared Clea Shearer, Co-Founder of The Home Edit. “The Home Edit is all about making people feel and live better by helping them get organized, so working with Nature Made Wellblends, and offering more ways for people to support their health, felt like a meaningful new way to help consumers.”

Through the partnership, The Home Edit founders will share their own experiences as well as how Nature Made Wellblends targeted solutions help them proactively support their overall wellbeing as they navigate running their business, motherhood, busy schedules, travel, and life’s stressors. Clea and co-founder Joanna Teplin will also share lifestyle tips that can help individuals address obstacles in achieving balance, including ways to organize work-from-home and office areas for better focus and productivity, how to optimize the bedroom for improved sleep, and how to organize vitamins and supplements to better support your daily routine.

The partnership is part of a larger, 360-degree campaign, “Life Calls for Wellblends™,” that emphasizes the challenge to juggle all the things we should be doing—like aiming for eight hours of sleep every night, reducing stress, and eating healthier foods—but are thrown off balance when life gets busy.

“We both relate to how challenging it can be to prioritize wellness amidst the busyness of everyday life” said Joanna Teplin, Co-Founder of The Home Edit. “Staying up too late, sacrificing regular exercise and overcommitting on our schedules—it all feeds the cycle negatively. We’re so glad to have a solution like Nature Made Wellblends™ to help restore balance.”

Fueled by the knowledge that issues impacting these interconnected areas are not the same for each person, the Wellblends portfolio offers a range of blends that not only address specific needs, but are available in an array of product forms—from capsules and gummies to powders and fast-dissolves.

“When we started planning this launch well over a year ago, we knew instantly that the Home Edit would be the perfect partner to help tell the story of Nature Made Wellblends™ and we’re thrilled to finally share our work together with the world,” said Rhonda Hoffman, Chief Marketing Officer at Pharmavite, makers of Nature Made. “Keeping our sleep, stress and immune health in balance is essential for achieving optimal health and wellness, and as Joanna and Clea share so well, the best organized system is one you can actually stick to and use.”

Hoffman added: “We believe Wellblends™ is uniquely positioned to solve that issue for consumers to help balance their sleep, stress, and immune health in a way that works for them and fits their needs.”

The “Life Calls for Wellblends” media campaign will run across traditional TV and streaming platforms, digital and social channels engaging influencer support, as well as relevant lifestyle and health focused podcasts. Disruptive, digital out-of-home advertising will also reach consumers throughout their day in key markets.


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