Nature’s Truth donates over $3.5MM worth of vitamins to Feed the Hungry and Convoy of Hope charities

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RONKONKOMA, N.Y. – Nature’s Truth recently partnered with both LeSEA Global Feed the Hungry and Convoy of Hope to donate over $3.5 million in vitamins and supplements to those in need.

As part of the wellness brand’s ongoing mission to share good health, Nature’s Truth is striving to get vitamins and supplements into the hands of those who need them most. The company donated over 420,000 products that aid in overall health, including, but not limited to these popular products, Sambucus Black Elderberry supplements and Immune Support Gummies.

Feed the Hungry received over 190,000 vitamins and supplements from Nature’s Truth®. These donations were then split 50/50 between their two regional partners: Blessing of Hope, and Georgia Food and Resource. Blessing of Hope has donated roughly 14 million pounds of food to those in need thus far in 2021. Georgia Food and Resource Center reaches over 16,000 people each week, serving 25 counties and numerous cities.

Additionally, Nature’s Truth gave over 220,000 vitamins and supplements to Convoy of Hope, which the charity distributed during their “Hope Day” event on June 5, 2021. Hope Day consisted of 36 events that took place across five states: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Delaware. At each event, Convoy of Hope distributed grocery bags filled with items designed to help struggling families, and included Nature’s Truth liquid and gummy vitamins.

“Nature’s Truth is dedicated to improving the health of our Guests of Honor during Hope Day, and we were happy to team up to deliver hope and better health to families,” said Ethan Forhetz, Vice President of Public Engagement and National Spokesperson for Convoy of Hope, adding that they were “thrilled” to partner with Nature’s Truth.

Nature’s Truth, a brand founded by three generations of vitamin innovators, plans to continue its mission of charitable giving. Their belief is that everyone deserves to have access to products that can support health and wellness, especially during these difficult times.

“We were humbled and so grateful to have the chance to work with Feed the Hungry and Convoy of Hope in our shared mission of bettering the lives of people everywhere,” said Kimberly Vigliante, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Nature’s Truth. “There are many families across America that do not have the disposable income to purchase wellness products to proactively manage their health. I hope we offered at least a little bit of health and a little less worry to those facing trying times.”



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