NBA All-Star Anthony Davis signs first-ever ‘Chip Deal’ with Ruffles

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PLANO, Texas — Ruffles, the Official Chip of the NBA that put its mark on the game of basketball  when it introduced the Ruffles RIDGE 4-point line in 2017, is doing so again with the signing of six-time NBA All-Star Anthony Davis to a first-of-its-kind “Chip Deal” that puts Davis in the driver’s seat as a Ruffles creative partner to develop bold products and offer transformational fan experiences.

To announce the collaboration, Davis visited the flagship NBA Store in New York City earlier today to debut the Ruffles-inspired signature shoe, The Ruffles Ridge Tops, designed by the famed Shoe Surgeon (www.theshoesurgeon.com) of Los Angeles. From June 24 to August 4, fans who purchase a bag of Ruffles and enter the on-pack code will have a chance to win coveted fashion and sports “grails” daily and the grand prize of a pair of the Ruffles and Davis-crafted sneakers.

“Ruffles keeps finding new ways to make the game more fun for basketball fans and a ‘Chip Deal’ in itself is unprecedented – which is exactly why I wanted to do it,” said Davis. “From the design of The Ridge Tops to new flavors and contests, I have a lot of ideas and Ruffles shares my excitement for making them happen.”

With creative design input from Davis, each Ruffles Ridge Tops sneaker was hand-made to accentuate signature attributes of the legendary chip brand. The shoes boast the unmistakable bold colors of a Ruffles bag and interchangeable shoelaces inspired by the shades of fans’ favorite Ruffles flavors. A hidden pocket with a silver lining and ribbed accent near the heel of the shoe allude to the experience of opening a Ruffles bag and the silhouette of the ridged chip. And like the ingredients of any notable chip flavor recipe, on the tongue of the shoe are “Shoetrition Facts” detailing both the material and intangible elements that were necessary to bring this shoe to life.

The Ruffles/Davis Chip Deal extends to NBA All-Star 2020 in Chicago, Davis’ hometown.

“AD’s passion for the game is palpable and it’s been a privilege to partner with him on ways we can harness that passion to connect with fans throughout the entire season, both in-game and at-home,” said Sadira Furlow, vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay North America. “We’re only just launching the Chip Deal, but already you can expect to see much more from Ruffles and AD in the coming months.”

A video announcing the partnership can be downloaded here. Visit www.Ruffles.com and follow Ruffles’ social channels to find out Anthony Davis’ next move for Team Ruffles.


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