NCPA issues statement on ‘Buy American’ executive order

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. — National Community Pharmacists Association CEO B. Douglas Hoey issued the following statement on President Trump’s new executive order calling for the federal government to buy “essential” drugs and supplies made in the U.S. rather than those from overseas companies:

B. Douglas Hoey

We wouldn’t buy all our essential equipment for a military operation from China or from Russia, so why should we rely so heavily on international rivals for our essential prescription drug supply of generic medications which make up 90 percent of all prescriptions in the U.S.? This dependence has grown increasingly one-sided over the last few decades. The vulnerability of overreliance on sourcing the active ingredients of lifesaving generic medications from potential foreign adversaries has been highlighted during the pandemic. While we are encouraged that the president is considering how the U.S. can be less dependent on foreign nations for vital medications, changes to how prescription drugs are paid for at the pharmacy counter are essential to actually see lasting reform on the overreliance of overseas rivals. We look forward to reviewing this executive order in detail.”



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