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Neighbourhood Pharmacies enhances events

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TORONTO — The Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada (Neighbourhood Pharmacies) announced earlier this month significant improvements to its annual events program, as well as event ­highlights.

The first major change to the events program occurs at the fall Executive Summit, October 28 to October 29, which will now host the association’s Strategic Appointments sessions. This two-day event brings together the industry’s senior personnel for an opportunity to discuss and learn about the top issues driving industry change.

“The neighborhood pharmacy industry is undergoing dramatic change,” said Neighbourhood Pharmacies president and chief executive officer Denise Carpenter. “We want our events to consistently exceed attendees’ needs and expectations, and to hold top spot on their calendars. The changes we are announcing today respond directly to attendee research and feedback. Our goal is simple: to convene industry leaders for thought-provoking discussions that will shape both new health care policy and the future of our industry.”

The Executive Summit’s featured guest speaker is Fred Horne, former Alberta Minister of Health, who is widely credited with managing the expansion of reimbursed pharmacy services in that province, beginning in 2011.

The other featured speaker is Elliot Sogol, vice president, professional relations, for Pharmacy Quality Solutions, of Durham, N.C., who will address the gathering on “The Evolving Business Model of Pharmacy: Quality and Performance Metrics Impact.” Sogol coauthored The Good Pharmacist – Characteristics, Virtues, Habits.

The day-two program continues with a series of presentations focusing on the “Evolving Business Model of Pharmacy” by retail industry leaders and moderated roundtable ­discussions.

The association’s major annual spring gathering will become the Pharmacy Expo, June 13 to June 16, 2016, and showcase the latest innovations in pharmacy products and services.

The new expo focuses on six key areas of the business: pharmacy and prescription care; specialty and long-term care; consumer health; home health care, front store; and health and beauty.

This new offering will create one-of-a-kind opportunities for retailers and their suppliers to come together to form new relationships that will drive revenue, efficiencies and bottom-line gains.


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