NeilMed launches Naspira nasal-oral aspirator

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NeilMed Naspira nasal-oral aspirator

NeilMed’s Naspira can be used as a nasal-oral aspirator or as a traditional bulb aspirator.

“Since babies often can only breathe through their nose, stuffy noses caused by colds and other respiratory infections interfere with their breathing; causing difficulties with feeding and sleeping,” stated Ketan Mehta, founder and chief executive officer of NeilMed. “Providing quick relief is critical for the well-being of babies.”

The Naspira uses simple suction applied by the mouth of a parent or a caretaker to relieve congestion. The two-in-one design enables the device to be used as a nasal-oral aspirator or as a traditional bulb aspirator by removing the tubing and closing the cap on the bulb. The clear silicone and pull-apart design also allows for easy cleaning.

NeilMed said the Naspira carries a suggested retail price of $15 and, currently at retailers, the product’s price ranges from $9.97 to $14.99. It is available now at Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, Target, Kinney Drugs, Harmon and ShopRite stores, as well as through online retailers such as Amazon, Drugstore.com and MyOTCStore.com.


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