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NeutriSci’s NeuEnergy tablets land distribution at Rite Aid

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia — NeutriSci International Inc. has entered a national distribution agreement for its NeuEnergy chewable energy tablets with Rite Aid Corp., which has nearly 4,600 drug stores in 31 states and the District of Columbia.

NeuEnergy tables_NeutriSci Intl“The addition of such a strong retail partner like Rite Aid to our current distribution network further demonstrates the acceptance of NeuEnergy on a national level. We have worked hard to position ourselves with key retailers across the U.S., and Rite Aid represents a national presence that will assist in establishing NeuEnergy as a major player in the energy and focus industry,” stated NeutriSci President Glen Rehman.

NeuEnergy is formulated to deliver enhanced focus and mental clarity, with no sugar, no calories and no crash associated with typical energy products, according to NeutriSci. The fast-acting energy tabs contain caffeine (59 mg in each tablet) and pterostilbene, an antioxidant found in blueberries — a combination that provides a clinically tested, longer-sustained energy boost, mental clarity and focus than caffeine alone, the company noted.

No water is needed as NeuEnergy tablets melt in your mouth in seconds. The naturally flavored energy supplement comes in a convenient resealable package that contains six tablets (three servings).

“We look forward to having NeuEnergy become available to Rite Aid customers at their next product reset,” Rehman added. “It has been our goal to cause a disruptive change in the way consumers relate to energy products. Rite Aid’s decision to commit to NeuEnergy and NeutriSci further demonstrates industry belief in the product and its future growth.”


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