New Indiana law vital for patient access and pharmacy viability, NACDS says

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WASHINGTON – With the enactment of a new law – Senate Bill 241 – Indiana has made great strides to help protect the viability of pharmacies in neighborhoods across the state. The legislation will help ensure that pharmacies are more fairly and properly reimbursed by requiring payers’ pharmacy contracts to have clearly defined drug pricing and reimbursement methodologies and audit practices.

This new law, signed by Gov. Eric Holcomb (R), also prevents payers from retroactively denying pharmacies’ claims for prescriptions that were dispensed, and allows pharmacies to contest changes in their reimbursement. The legislation also requires the maintenance of adequate pharmacy networks and provides beneficiaries with equal access to all network pharmacies.

“Work on this important bill has been underway since well before COVID-19, yet the pandemic shows just how critical it is to maintain pharmacy viability. Pharmacies and pharmacists are on the front lines of healthcare in neighborhoods throughout Indiana and across the country. Access to pharmacies is critical as the COVID-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented stresses on our healthcare system across the nation,” said NACDS president and CEO Steven Anderson. “This newly enacted law will help patients throughout Indiana continue to receive care from the pharmacy of their choice – which is important at all times and certainly during an emergency.”

NACDS recognizes the legislative leadership of the bill’s primary sponsor, State Senator Liz Brown (R); the House sponsor, State Representative Matt Lehman (R); author and Chair of the Senate Health and Provider Services Committee, State Senator Ed Charbonneau (R); Chair of the House Insurance Committee, State Representative Martin Carbaugh (R); and the distinguished Conference Committee Conferees and Advisors, including two pharmacist legislators: co-author State Senator Ron Grooms (R) and co-sponsor State Representative Steven Davisson (R).

NACDS also acknowledges the leadership of the Indiana Pharmacists Association and NACDS member companies.




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