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New Poland Spring campaign celebrates what makes spring water special

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POLAND SPRING, Maine — To celebrate the First Day of Spring, Poland Spring is launching a new campaign to show what makes spring water special. A new national survey by KRC Research on behalf of Poland Spring highlights that while most Americans drink bottled water, 43% of them admit that they don’t know the difference between spring and purified water. The survey also found a surprising lack of engagement around knowing the source and ingredients in their bottled water.

This week, Poland Spring will launch a campaign around the Maine sources of its 100% Natural Spring Water to help better educate bottled water drinkers in the Northeast. “Poland Spring has been a trusted brand that’s been loved by consumers since 1845 and we’ve recognized the need to further build consumer awareness and education,” states Rosa Veliz, senior brand manager for Poland Spring. “This year, we’ll work to address this through the launch of our new campaign that focuses on 100% Natural Spring Water.”

The “Spring Water From the Heart of Maine” campaign will have unique spots that highlight different aspects behind Poland Spring 100% Natural Spring Water, from being filtered through 10,000 year old glacial aquifers to its naturally occurring minerals that contribute to its unique crisp, refreshing taste. The campaign gives the springs a voice to tell their story on what it means to be 100% Natural Spring Water and reinforces what sets Poland Springapart from other bottled waters.

Poland Spring Brand 100% Natural Spring Water can be found in-store at supermarkets, club, convenience and chain drug stores in the Northeast region, complete with a list of its spring sources listed on every bottle.

For more information about Poland Spring, visit https://www.polandspring.com/ and click here to view the new campaign.


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