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New report reveals significant changes in consumer shopping trends

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NEW YORK — The much-anticipated annual global consumer report, conducted each year by iVend Retail, was released this week. The 2019 Global Shopping Trends: Essential Insights for Retailers survey report includes compelling industry insights from shoppers worldwide, including an analysis of variances across technology platforms, countries, and age groups.

The report revealed a heavy reliance on mobile devices. Shoppers are using smartphones to research products while in a store (86.2%) or to browse online before going into a store to make a purchase (92.9%). Also, over three-quarters of shoppers (83.8%) want store associates to carry handheld mobile devices to provide customer service.

Streamlined checkout processes and loyalty programs emerged as big trends this year. Quick and easy checkouts surfaced as the most important part of a shopping experience for a staggering 83% of shoppers while 91.9% make purchases with the aim of earning loyalty rewards.

44.4% of global shoppers are motivated to shop with a retailer offering self-checkouts. Buy online pickup in store experienced an increase in usage of 30% over last year. The main motivators for this trend were saving money on shipping charges (47.4%) and saving time (44.4%).

“This is the fourth year we’ve conducted our global research and the 2019 report uncovered some important shifts in consumer attitudes towards technology,” said Kamal Karmakar, chief executive officer of CitiXsys. “We are focusing our resources and research for iVend Retail on areas that are most important to shoppers, like mobility, faster checkouts, and loyalty programs. Retailers should follow suit and invest in future-ready technology to connect with their shoppers in the digital age.”

More 2019 Global Shopper Trend Research Highlights:

  • 79.7% report responding to social media and online ads.
  • 70% respond to offers delivered to their phones while in a store.
  • 37% want personalized product recommendations and offers.



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