New report shares data on pharmacy compounders

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Pharmacy compounding plays a critical role not only in Americans’ healthcare, but in the economic health of communities across the country. Those are some takeaways from the first-ever “Snapshot of Pharmacy Compounding in America 2021,” released today by the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding.

Some key statistics:

  • During the pandemic, 67 % of compounding pharmacies have prepared hand sanitizer for consumer use.
  • 35% of compounding pharmacies are administering Covid-19 vaccines.
  • 43% are licensed in — and ship medications to — more than one state.
  • Almost 40 percent employ more than a dozen people.
  • 77% of owners say compounded hormones are the most common type of compounded preparation they dispense, followed by dermatology preparations and animal medication.
  • 87% of compounding pharmacies also do traditional, retail dispensing.

The Snapshot is based on a new report from the Center for Business Research at the University of Mary Washington (Fredericksburg, Va.), commissioned by APC, that compiled data from more than 725 pharmacy compounding professionals across the country. The “2021 National Pharmacy Compounding Demographics Study” was also released today.

APC leaders say they plan to share the report and Snapshot with state and federal regulators and lawmakers.

You can download the full report, “2021 National Pharmacy Compounding Demographics Study” and the infographic, “Snapshot of Pharmacy Compounding in America 2021” at



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