Omnicell streamlines pharmacy supply chain

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Omnicell continues to deliver innovation that supports the fully Autonomous Pharmacy through the launch of Omnicell One, a predictive pharmacy intelligence solution that will be generally available in August 2020.

Lack of connectivity and visibility across disparate systems can limit opportunities to leverage rich patient and inventory data to make strategic clinical and business decisions. Through a combination of performance insights, workflow tools, and expert guidance from data scientists and clinical strategists, Omnicell One provides health system pharmacies with the visibility and comprehensive data analytics they need to understand medication supply chain optimization opportunities.

This new technology-enabled service is designed to consolidate data across the automation layer, beginning with all Omnicell automation solutions leveraging the OmniCenter® platform, including XT Automated Dispensing Systems, which more than two million healthcare professionals use on a regular basis. As health systems face fluctuating labor challenges, either staff reduction through furloughs or addition of staff from retired resource pools, the closed loop capability of Omnicell One optimizes labor utilization to very specific tasks, helping Pharmacy to better manage inventory, streamline workflow, and support better patient outcomes.

COVID-19 exposed many challenges within the pharmacy supply chain, notably visibility gaps that lead to errors, waste, patient risk and stress on inventory systems. Omnicell One gives health system leaders actionable benchmarks and insights that optimize inventory, workflows, and decision-making that will not only improve pharmacy supply chain management, but will help health systems move closer to business and patient care goals as part of their recovery strategy.

“Having accurate, actionable, and relevant data at my fingertips has transformed our pharmacy operations and generated significant revenue savings,” said Dima Awad, administrative director and chief of pharmacy services at Stormont Vail Regional Health. “But it’s not just about effective inventory management; our goal is to make our patients safer while controlling drug spend.”

Omnicell One is a cloud-based service and mobile application that aggregates data across the medication management process, providing real-time visibility into inventory. Predictive and prescriptive analytics, along with expert guidance, deliver immediate insights and a closed-loop workflow to support the adoption of best practices and standardization across the health system, including:

  • Optimizing pharmacy labor efficiency
  • Controlling medication spend
  • Reducing the impact of drug shortages
  • Minimizing medication waste
  • Supporting efficient, effective diversion management

“Health system pharmacy leaders need a comprehensive solution that lets them monitor multiple inventories across the system, helping to better manage the complexities of pricing, regulation, reimbursements, billing and more,” said Scott Seidelmann, executive vice president and chief commercial officer at Omnicell. “Pharmacy leaders used to spend hours reviewing multiple reports to understand the performance of their medication management processes. Now, Omnicell One offers a single destination where they can discover and act on opportunities that could improve patient safety and drive better clinical, financial and operational outcomes.”

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