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Omnicell unveils deal to acquire Ateb

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Medication management and supply solution provider Omnicell Inc. plans to buy Ateb Inc., a specialist in patient care and medication synchronization services for pharmacies, in a $41 million deal.

Omnicell said Tuesday that the all-cash transaction is expected to close during the fourth quarter, pending customary closing conditions. Raleigh, N.C.-based Ateb totaled sales of about $27 million for the 12 months ended Sept. 30.

ateb_pharmacist-interventionAt the crux of the deal is the ability to improve the health outcomes of patients with chronic conditions by facilitating access to medication adherence solutions.

Omnicell noted that the combination of its SureMed medication adherence packaging and Ateb’s Time My Meds med sync solution and Patient Management Access Portal will allow outpatient pharmacists to more easily establish and scale adherence programs, as patients seek added support in managing their conditions. Aimed at helping to reduce costly hospital readmissions, SureMed packaging is used by more than 17,000 institutional and retail pharmacies in North America and the United Kingdom.

“This acquisition demonstrates Omnicell’s commitment to supporting the growing shift in how patients receive services along the entire continuum of care, elevating the role of pharmacists in improving overall patient safety and outcomes,” stated Rob Seim, president of global automation and medication adherence at Omnicell. “Ateb’s solutions are currently provided to over 15,000 pharmacies in the U.S. and Canada, and for a quarter of a century the company has been helping pharmacists — who are the most visible and accessible care providers in the community — fulfill their mission of serving patients.”

Medication synchronization involves the coordination of refills so patients can pick them up on a single day each month, a capability that requires a software platform. Omnicell described med sync as a “necessary precursor” for adherence programs and the adoption of multi-medication blister packaging.

Ateb’s Time My Meds provides a foundation for the appointment-based model of medication refill pickup and consultation, Omnicell said, adding that the synchronization of refills often marks the first step in scaling adherence programs and taking more ownership in patient care and outcomes.

“As the leader in helping pharmacies develop synchronization programs that improve the health of their patients, we believe today’s announcement will help our customers continue to grow their adherence programs for the benefit of their patients,” commented Frank Sheppard, president and chief executive officer of Ateb. “This integration creates a clear path between the various stages of successful adherence programs and is an instrumental step in making these offerings a more routine and expected component of outpatient care.”

The companies reported that number of Americans affected by at least one chronic condition requiring medication therapy is projected to rise to 157 million by 2020.


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