Omnicell unveils marketing kit for SureMed packaging

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Tools help community pharmacies drive patient Rx adherence

Omnicell_SureMed medication adherence packaging

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Omnicell Inc. has launched a new marketing program for community pharmacies using its SureMed adherence packaging to help patients stick to their drug regimens.

Announced this week, the SureMed Marketing Kit provides practice-building resources that enable pharmacies to engage with patients, regional primary care physicians and assisted living facilities. The kit includes an array of point-of-purchase and online elements — such as SureMed presentations, images, videos, logos, flyers, brochures and other information — to help promote the benefits of medication adherence to patients and facilities.

SureMed adherence blister cards organize multiple medications in an easy-to-follow format that gives patients visual reinforcement of what to take and when.

The program also includes opportunities for co-branding, in which pharmacies can add their logo to the front of the SureMed cards to raise their brand visibility and draw new customers. Omnicell noted that the co-branded SureMed cards are more economical and flexible than in the past because of a lower minimum quantity required and faster turnaround time.

Some pharmacies may also have access to consultations with Omnicell’s expert marketing team for guidance tailored to their needs, Omnicell said.

“Our mission is not only to provide superior products and services, but also to act as a true partner to the pharmacies we work with and support them to our fullest extent,” stated Troy Hilsenroth, vice president and general manager of global automation and medication adherence at Omnicell. “The new SureMed by Omnicell Marketing Kit gives our pharmacy partners access to resources that best position them for success and growth in their endeavors.”

Besides the SureMed Marketing Kit, pharmacies also can use Omnicell’s Find-A-Pharmacy store locator, which helps drive patients to pharmacies offering SureMed packaging. The online, location-based tool currently includes over 1,100 pharmacies across the United States and Puerto Rico. Pharmacies offering SureMed multimed adherence packaging can add their pharmacy to the Find-A-Pharmacy site at

“As we look to expand our pharmacy business and inform new patients about our programs dedicated to driving medication adherence, the new marketing materials have played a prominent role in our continued success,” commented Alec Gillies, general manager at Buffalo Pharmacies in Buffalo, N.Y. “The ability to consult with Omnicell’s marketing team has helped us strengthen how we present our program to patients in our community, so they understand that our goal is to provide them with the best available resources for managing their medications.”


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