Omnicell’s EnlivenHealth reports strong demand for new SaaS technology solution to help pharmacies meet COVID-19 vaccination challenges

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Omnicell announced strong market demand for its new CareScheduler digital solution that enables pharmacies to efficiently and effectively manage administration of the COVID-19 vaccine. CareScheduler was

developed by EnlivenHealth, the Omnicell division that provides patient engagement and communications technology solutions for retail pharmacies and health plans.

CareScheduler is a software as a service (SaaS) technology solution that automates traditionally manual and paper-based processes, empowering pharmacies to keep their patients and staff healthy and safe during the pandemic while helping to drive increased script growth and improved profitability. The exclusive new tool uses advanced digital technologies, data sciences, and communications capabilities to enable hands-free scheduling, vaccine registry reporting, and patient outreach for the administration of vaccines and other point-of-care services. Integrated into EnlivenHealth’s industry-leading Patient Engagement Platform, CareScheduler automates the collection of consent and vaccine administration records without patients having to handle documents in the pharmacy.

EnlivenHealth™ is currently in advanced discussions with more than 50 major pharmacy chains that have expressed strong interest in acquiring the new CareScheduler solution. In fact, pharmacy companies representing nearly 1,000 stores nationwide have already signed up for the exclusive new CareScheduler digital tool.

“As trusted healthcare providers, community pharmacies like ours are on the frontlines of ensuring that patients receive the COVID-19 vaccine as expeditiously and safely as possible,” said Duane Jones, BS Pharm, pharmacy district manager and clinical program director at Harps Food Stores. “CareScheduler is an important digital tool that helps us to efficiently manage and streamline the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine. By partnering with EnlivenHealth™ on CareScheduler and other technology innovations, Harps Foods can continue to drive practice transformation and focus on value-added services that directly impact patient health outcomes, satisfaction, and retention.”

“COVID-19 has placed significant new demands on retail pharmacies, and I am excited that our new division EnlivenHealth™ is purpose-built to help pharmacists manage major challenges like this,” said Scott Seidelmann, executive vice president and chief commercial officer of Omnicell. “Omnicell’s mission is to be the pharmacist’s most trusted partner, and we achieve that by building and providing transformative digital solutions and technology-enabled services. EnlivenHealth’s new CareScheduler solution exemplifies this strategy in action. We are very pleased that the market has responded positively to it.”

“Pharmacists are the new frontline healthcare heroes who can and must play an essential role in administering the COVID-19 vaccine and make it a success for all Americans,” said Danny Sanchez, vice president and general manager of EnlivenHealth™. “However, to achieve that critical goal, pharmacies and pharmacists must have the right technologies to empower them to handle the huge administrative and operational challenges of vaccinating up to 330 million Americans in a timely fashion. With CareScheduler, we are giving pharmacies the tools and support they need to handle the expected increase in patient demand and pharmacy store traffic once the COVID-19 vaccine becomes universally available.”

To learn more about the EnlivenHealth CareScheduler solution, click here.



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