One Drop to work with Bayer on new digital health care products

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NEW YORK — One Drop announced on Monday a new agreement with Bayer to jointly develop digital health products for multiple therapeutic areas based on One Drop’s predictive, preventative, personalized self-care platform. It has closed on a $34.7 million Series C financing led by Bayer as well as $64 million in development fees and potential commercial milestone payments.

The new agreement demonstrates Bayer’s commitment to its partnership with One Drop and the One Drop vision of data-powered, efficient, personalized self-care as the future of chronic condition management. One Drop’s winning solution is fueled by data, drawing on more than 13 billion diverse health data points from users who have downloaded One Drop over three million times. This data-powered platform enables health predictions delivered through a user-centric experience that provides the right interventions at the right times.

While One Drop currently supports people in the management of diabetes, prediabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or any combination of these conditions, Bayer’s $64 million in development commitments and potential commercial milestones will help expand One Drop’s industry-leading solution into Bayer’s focus areas, e.g., cardiology, oncology and women’s health. The modular architecture of One Drop’s solution will enable expansion into the new therapeutic areas. Rather than treating individual conditions, One Drop’s self-care experience will support all the conditions that an individual may be managing, delivering a whole-person approach that drives sustainable outcomes.

“To deliver better health outcomes and cost savings at a population level, we must focus on individuals,” said Jeff Dachis, CEO and founder. “One Drop delivers a personalized health transformation program that dynamically tunes to your needs and behaviors each day, empowering each individual to achieve the best possible health outcomes. In contrast, other platforms lacking our data wealth and predictive engine continue to focus on telemedicine and remote monitoring, reacting to problems that have already occurred and delivering a one-size-fits-all model that works for some, but fails for most.”

One Drop | Real-TIme Glucose Forecasts

One Drop’s digital health platform has been available to consumers, employers, insurers, and healthcare providers since 2016, and its effectiveness has been confirmed by over 20 peer-reviewed studies demonstrating significant improvements in glycemic control among people living with diabetes in as little as one month. Most recently, at the 80th Annual American Diabetes Association’s Scientific Sessions, One Drop presented long-term A1C, blood pressure, and weight outcomes forecasts for individuals living with diabetes, hypertension, and prediabetes, as well as overnight hypoglycemia predictions for continuous glucose monitor (CGM) users. These forecasts are powered by the same pooled population data that drives the machine learning models behind One Drop’s health forecasting and insights. Currently, One Drop users can receive eight-hour glucose forecasts, along with real-time advice for exercise, diet, and lifestyle adjustments, every time they log data in the One Drop app.

“Building new digital business models is a key element of our business strategy with the ambition to actively shape the future of health care,” said Jeanne Kehren, head of digital and commercial innovation and member of the pharmaceuticals executive committee of Bayer AG. “We are convinced that a data-driven approach will empower patients to drive better outcomes for themselves and will bring back the person, not the disease, as the point of focus. The new collaboration with One Drop allows Bayer to further accelerate its evolution towards a digital health business and paves the way for new integrated care patient service offerings.”

By focusing on the individual, One Drop’s intelligent solution bridges the final mile between healthcare and self-care by meeting the needs of stakeholders across the industry, from the provider who desire


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