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Original Chipwich makes return in time for summer

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COS COB, Conn.— After a seven year absence, Original Chipwich ice cream cookie sandwich is back just in time for summer with all-natural cookies, real chocolate chips and premium ice cream. The Original Chipwich is available major grocery and convenience stores in the northeast U.S. from Philadelphia to Boston, with more being added daily.

Thirty-seven years ago, the Chipwich became an instant classic. At its height, it earned the title as one of the top 10 iconic snack brands in America. Then, in 2011, the brand disappeared from store shelves, leaving behind a sad collection of copycats offering subpar ingredients and an even sadder eating experience.

“Despite its seven-year absence, there remains great affection for the Original Chipwich brand,” explained David Clarke, chief executive officer of Crave Better Foods. “We made good on those memories by bringing back Chipwich with the best possible ingredients. At a time when many novelties rely on over-processed, cheaper ingredients, Chipwich lets consumers enjoy something real that is both nostalgic and on-trend.”

He added that today’s Chipwich doesn’t skimp on ingredients or flavor. “It’s a perfectly balanced, three-in-one indulgence: premium vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two sweet, chewy chocolate chunk cookies and then rolled in crunchy, real chocolate chips—the signature detail that makes a Chipwich a Chipwich.”


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