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Oui by Yoplait intros French style indulgence

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MINNEAPOLIS —  Oui by Yoplait, the French style yogurt sold in a glass pot, has released Oui by Yoplait Petites.  Yoplait Petites will be sold in pairs of small 3.5 oz. glass pots and available in four indulgent flavors including Sea Salt Caramel, Chocolate with Shavings, Dark Chocolate Raspberry and Caramelized Apple.

Crafted using the same cup set technique as Oui by Yoplait, Oui Petites are created by pouring simple ingredients like whole milk and cultures into individual glass pots. They are then left to set for eight hours, which helps create the yogurt’s unique, thick and creamy texture

“While Americans often view yogurt as a once-a-day addition to breakfast, the French see yogurt like Oui as an everyday pleasure,” said Doug Martin, vice president of marketing for Yoplait USA. “Oui Petites were created to offer consumers a new French dairy delight, now available in more indulgent flavors that can be enjoyed throughout the day.”

While rare in the U.S., glass pots are often used for yogurt in France to protect the delicate texture of French style yogurt. It is that delicate texture that makes yogurt like Oui by Yoplait something special in the country from which it was inspired. In fact, while 20 percent of the U.S. population enjoys yogurt each day, that number is nearly three times as high in France.

Oui Petites are made with simple, non-GMO ingredients, like whole milk, pure cane sugar and yogurt cultures. They contain no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavors and no colors from artificial sources.

“This French style yogurt has quickly grown to become one of the biggest launches in the category in recent years, accounting for more than $100 million in sales in its first 52 weeks. With the recent launch of YQ by Yoplait and new Oui Petites, Yoplait is expanding its commitment to develop yogurt made with simple ingredients to serve evolving consumer needs,” he adds.

Oui Petites will be available in major grocery and retail stores nationwide beginning in July.


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