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P&G kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month with new program

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In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Procter & Gamble is proud to introduce a comprehensive initiative to accelerate progress of Hispanic communities across the U.S.

To launch the initiative, P&G produced a powerful film called “Powering Progress” to showcase that Hispanic progress is a pro for America. Despite the challenges the Hispanic community faces – including misrepresentation, inequality, and lack of access to resources – their resilience and support of their community has enabled them to make significant contributions to the U.S. To accelerate progress, P&G recognizes that more support is needed for Hispanic communities. The film, created in collaboration with the creative agency ALMA, is a call to action to bring stakeholders together to create alliances for bigger impact. The film is also available in Spanish.

A core element of the P&G’s “force for good” efforts is their partnership with the Hispanic Star to provide Hispanics with access to better education, better health, better jobs and promote gender equality. P&G and Hispanic Star recognize that the contributions from the Latino community benefits us all. This is why they are joining forces and inviting others to support local communities to help drive continued success.

“P&G’s partnership with Hispanic Star is a catalyst for our mission to serve as a force for good and a force for growth for the Hispanic community,” said Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer at Procter & Gamble. “We are proud to continue working together to power progress for better education, better health, better jobs and promote gender equality. We invite others to join this cause in uplifting and advancing Hispanic communities nationwide.”

With the support of Hispanic Star, P&G and P&G brands like Always, Tampax, Vicks, Old Spice, Crest and Oral-B are creating and helping expand programs to empower Latino communities:

  • Always School Program: teaches fifth and seventh grade girls confidence building skills and provides them with resources to help them understand and cope with the changes they experience during puberty.
  • Capitanes del Futuro: a youth development program created in partnership with Major League Soccer, several MLS teams, the Federacion Mexicana de Futbol, Hispanic Star and several local organizations, dedicated to not only improving Latinx representation in all aspects of soccer – on and off the field – but also providing emerging Hispanic leaders with environments and experiences that enable personal growth and achievement.
  • Nurse Heroes (https://www.nurseheroes.org/): an initiative that looks to create a future without a shortage of nurses in the workforce, while creating upward mobility opportunities for Latinas in health care.

“Over the years we have taken great pride in supporting Hispanic progress through education, social impact and relief efforts,” said Jennifer Davis, President Global Feminine Care and P&G Hispanic Network Executive Sponsor. “Equal access and opportunity are of utmost importance to us which is why we are committed to not only celebrating the contributions of the Hispanic community but also uplifting the community by doing our part to create opportunities for Latinos.”

“There are 61 million Hispanics in the U.S., and they are keeping the American Dream alive,” said Claudia Romo Edelman, Founder and CEO of the We Are All Human Foundation, and Founder of Hispanic Star. “Recent Census data tells us that Hispanics, in fact, are a major driver of economic growth today, and will be even more so in the future. We are proud to work with corporations like P&G, whose extraordinary commitment to the Hispanic community is taking form in community programs that make a real difference in the lives of Hispanics. Progress for Hispanics translates to progress for America.”

For more information on how we’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, follow P&G on Instagram @proctergamble and Twitter @ProcterGamble.


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