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Pharmacists continue to rate highly for integrity

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ARLINGTON, Va. — Pharmacists continue to garner high rankings in the annual Gallup survey seeking Americans’ perspectives on how well members of various professions measure up in demonstrating honesty and upholding ethical standards.

In the 2013 poll that measured the public’s trust of health care professionals and those engaged in other disciplines, pharmacists ranked second, tied with grade school teachers and just behind nurses.

It was the 11th consecutive year of pharmacists finishing in the top three rankings.

“Americans continue to view their pharmacists as highly trusted and well-respected professionals,” said National Association of Chain Drug Stores president and chief executive officer Steve Anderson. “In addition to providing safe access to prescription medications, pharmacists provide a variety of health services to help patients feel better and live better, and reduce health care costs.”

The survey, which was conducted December 5 through December 8, found that 70% of Americans gave pharmacists (and grade school teachers) “high” or “very high” ratings versus 82% for nurses. By contrast, lobbyists, members of Congress and used car salespeople completed the bottom three at 6%, 8% and 9%, respectively.

In his reaction to the results, Anderson pointed to some of the key services that pharmacists provide.

“One-to-one, face-to-face interactions enable pharmacists to counsel patients about the importance of taking medications as prescribed,” he said. “In addition, pharmacists administer vaccinations — including flu shots — and provide preventive health tests. They also offer educational programs and services to help patients manage diseases and chronic conditions.

“As the face of neighborhood health care, pharmacists are better serving patients through accessible, convenient and personalized health care in partnership with other health care providers,” Anderson said.


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