Pharmacists Month and Day invite affirmation of commitment to opioid abuse prevention, NACDS says

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ARLINGTON, Va. — With American Pharmacists Month observed in October, and World Pharmacists Day observed on September 25, NACDS is distributing its 30-second message that reflects pharmacies’ and pharmacists’ commitment to serving as part of the solution to opioid abuse and to pain care.

NACDS president and chief executive officer Steven Anderson said, “Opioid abuse prevention and pain care stand among the most complex issues facing our society. These issues face communities, families, and individuals every day, and these issues face pharmacists every day as well. As NACDS’ 30-second message says, pharmacists stand on both sides of the counter – in their professional capacity and in their personal lives. So, in American Pharmacists Month and on World Pharmacists Day, NACDS expresses deep appreciation for the professional and personal commitment of pharmacists to serve as part of the solution.”

 During these observances, NACDS is ramping up the digital distribution of its message. When the message was launched in August, Anderson explained its vision in an opinion piece published on Medium.

“In distributing this 30-second message, NACDS wants to say simply: pharmacies and pharmacists work hard to be there for their patients and for their communities — to help keep them healthy and safe. We are committed to our continued work together to help prevent opioid abuse and addiction, and to help provide care to those who suffer with pain. We also appreciate the amazing and dedicated pharmacists who serve on the front lines of healthcare delivery every day,” he said. “It is a lot to say in 30 seconds, but it is worth a try. It is an important message that is backed up by countless moments that matter in communities throughout the nation.”

NACDS continues to advance an array of public policy recommendations that were crafted based on pharmacists’ experiences. NACDS also notes pharmacy’s work in the areas of drug disposal, patient and community education, compliance programs, security initiatives, fostering naloxone access, stopping illegal online drug-sellers and rogue clinics, philanthropic programs, and more.

A poll conducted in January 2019 by Morning Consult, and commissioned by NACDS, found that – by a two-to-one margin, pharmacies and pharmacists are considered more as part of the solution than as part of the problem of opioid abuse. Also, 70 percent of Americans support leveraging pharmacies’ role to help solve issues related to opioid abuse.


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