Pharmacy patient reviews that carry weight

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Not all pharmacy patient reviews are the same, according to digital health specialist RxWiki.

pharmacy customer_health martThe Austin, Texas-based company, known for its Digital Pharmacist software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, on Thursday said it has launched Patient Verified Reviews. The service enables pharmacy patients to rate their pharmacy after submitting a prescription refill through a website or mobile app powered by RxWiki.

RxWiki noted that Patient Verified Reviews are made by actual patients of a particular pharmacy — unlike with Google, Yelp and other online rating services, which let anyone post a review.

Patients are asked to rate their pharmacy for trustworthiness, friendliness, speed and efficiency, and value for money. They’re also urged to leave comments.

RxWiki reported that pharmacies in its network rate highly in patient reviews, more than 2,000 of which have been submitted thus far. In the areas of speed and efficiency, friendliness, trustworthiness and value,  95% of patients gave their pharmacy an excellent or very good rating, said the company, whose Digital Pharmacist platform powers the websites and mobile apps of 1,400 pharmacy brands.

“Patient Verified Reviews help patients voice their praises and concerns,” according to Azim Nagree, chief operating officer for RxWiki. “While it is not surprising that pharmacies in our network score extremely well for being trustworthy and friendly, we were impressed that they also score so highly for being fast and efficient, in addition to providing good value.”

A photo and personal message from the pharmacy also are incorporated into Patient Verified Reviews. RxWiki said that based on reviews fielded so far, key themes driving patient satisfaction include new online and mobile tools, friendly and informed customer service, home delivery and value for the money.

Some sample comments in the reviews, RxWiki said, have included the following: “Awesome that delivery is available,” “Remembers my name,” “They always answer all my questions,” “I like not having to stand in line for 30 minutes,” “Works diligently with my physicians to ensure that my insurance company almost always covers the cost of my medications” and “Great products for healthy living.”

“It’s great to have a way to measure whether patients are seeing the extra level of attention we give to them,” commented David Scott, co-owner of Scott Pharmacy in Fayette, Iowa. “We can’t fix anything we don’t know about, so we look forward to getting feedback on areas we can still improve.”


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