Pharmacy Profiles creates one-stop repository of pharmacists’ info

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WASHINGTON — Pharmacy Profiles, the trusted and verified repository of the nation’s pharmacist providers, announced Tuesday its nationwide launch. A subsidiary of the American Pharmacists Association, Pharmacy Profiles provides a one-stop repository of all of the professional information a pharmacist would need to achieve and maintain full recognition as a health care provider. It will support the nation’s pharmacists in unlocking their full potential as trusted health care providers and members of the health care team.

The Pharmacy Profiles Platform, a sophisticated web application uniquely customized for the pharmacy industry and its diverse stakeholders, tracks a comprehensive array of advanced credentials, certifications, licensure, employment, professional interests and more.

Pharmacy Profiles offers two services:

  • Pharmacist Profile – a free, online tool for pharmacists to maintain all of their professional information in one place.
  • Credentials Verification Service – a subscription data service to meet the needs of pharmacist employers, payors, government, and other organizations who need to validate credentials and professional information about their pharmacists. This service helps these stakeholders identify and verify pharmacists who are qualified to provide a growing array of patient care services.

“Built by pharmacists for pharmacists, Pharmacy Profiles is forming the data infrastructure to meet the industry’s expanding need for up-to-date, verified information about pharmacists,” explained managing director Todd Dankmyer. “Our pharmacist-centric perspective means that we are always seeking to support pharmacists as they advance their role in providing patient care services.”

Aspen RxHealth, a health care technology and services company that provides an app-based intervention technology that connects pharmacists with patients to deliver clinical services, is leveraging the Pharmacy Profiles platform to support the verification of pharmacists in the Aspen RxHealth network. The company is working with Pharmacy Profiles to further validate that the pharmacists in its network have advanced training and skills.

“Aspen RxHealth’s mission is to enable the most responsive community of pharmacists that will deliver unsurpassed outcomes for patients and their families. Working with Pharmacy Profiles, we are confident that our team of pharmacists have the qualifications they need to provide high quality and impactful care,” said David Medvedeff, chief executive officer, Aspen RxHealth.



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