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Pharmasave launches adult immunization drive

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LANGLEY, B.C. — As Canadians head into the holidays and peak respiratory virus season, Pharmasave pharmacists are urging adults to ensure they are up to date on recommended vaccinations. Those not yet protected could be putting their health and the health of those around them at risk. To help increase adult immunization rates and awareness, Pharmasave has launched an adult immunization drive.

“It takes about two weeks for vaccines to become effective, but it’s not too late to get immunized against circulating illnesses before the holiday season when the circulating viruses typically spread faster with increased socializing and family gatherings,” says Jaspreet Chager, Director of Pharmacy for Pharmasave.

With larger and more frequent gatherings ahead during the holiday season, Pharmasave pharmacists are encouraging anyone who has not yet received their flu and COVID-19 vaccines to get immunized, in addition to considering other recommended potentially lifesaving adult vaccinations.

“This year, in addition to the annual flu shot and COVID-19 vaccine, we’re also urging everyone to take a more holistic approach to help protect themselves and those around them with other vaccines available including those for pneumonia, shingles, and new-this-year RSV,” says Chager.

Adult immunization drive aims to increase vaccination uptake and awareness 

Patients can make an appointment at Pharmasave for an adult vaccination consultation. During the consultation process, pharmacists will review the patient’s vaccination history, review the dosing schedule for specific vaccines, address questions and provide facts and resources to counter myths and misinformation, ensure that vaccinations align with the patient’s health status, and administer appropriate vaccinations.

Depending on the complexity of the vaccination plan, the patient’s vaccine history and vaccine availability, the full vaccination review and course of vaccinations may be completed over one or more appointments with a pharmacist. Pharmacists are knowledgeable about which vaccines can be safely administered together and schedule the patient’s vaccinations accordingly. Patients may receive influenza, pneumonia, COVID, shingles and other recommended vaccinations during the appointments.

“Some vaccines are recommended annually, like influenza. Others are recommended only after a certain age, like pneumonia, while others require boosters periodically, like tetanus and diphtheria,” explains Chager.

Pharmasave has also introduced an interactive vaccination calculator to help patients learn more about recommended vaccines. The online tool guides individuals through a set of screening questions, generating a personalized list of recommended vaccinations. The pharmacy’s digital flipbook and in-store materials provide patients with guidance on seven important vaccinations included in the Adult Immunization Schedule.


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