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PharmaSmart applauds CDC guide on blood pressure kiosks

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — PharmaSmart International reports that its blood pressure kiosks are in line with a recently released Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) resource guide for pharmacists.

PharmaSmart user_Big Y_featuredPharmaSmart said Monday that the CDC guide, titled “Using the Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process to Manage High Blood Pressure: A Resource Guide for Pharmacists,” urges pharmacists to use only clinically validated and interoperable blood pressure kiosks. The guide was developed by the CDC in tandem with the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Pharmacists Association (APhA).

Calling on pharmacists to ensure correct measurement, the guide points out that “inaccurate blood pressure measurements have significant public health implications because minor errors can result in the misdiagnosis of millions of people,” according to PharmaSmart. The guide also states that even minor measurement errors of 5 mm Hg can lead to the misdiagnosis and mismanagement of over 20 million people in the United States.

“In this guide, the CDC, the AMA and the APhA encourage pharmacists to assert their role in team care and intervene in cases where BP is uncontrolled. This is great news for pharmacists,” stated Josh Sarkis, general manager and senior vice president of strategic business development at PharmaSmart. “We are happy to see these leading health care organizations promote the inclusion of trustworthy, proven and integrated BP kiosks into the Pharmacist’s Patient Care Process (PPCP).”

The CDC guide includes a resource section on pharmacy blood pressure kiosks, noting that pharmacists should “only use clinically validated blood pressure kiosks” and “implement technology to automatically transmit data from kiosk to pharmacy computer system,” PharmaSmart said. If those criteria are met, the guide instructs pharmacists to promote patient use of the kiosk, evaluate blood pressure levels, assess medication adherence and “take action as appropriate.”

PharmaSmart said it’s the only blood pressure kiosks manufacturer with published clinical validation and data interoperability with leading pharmacy software systems that allows easy, rule-based intervention during standard pharmacy workflow.

“This CDC publication is important recognition for our clients who have already invested in PharmaSmart and who have advanced from a recreational to a clinical-grade, evidence-based hypertension management program,” Sarkis added.

Currently, PharmaSmart has its blood pressure kiosks at more than 7,000 locations, including retail pharmacy operators such as Giant Eagle, Brookshire Grocery, Kinney Drugs, Bartell Drugs, Coborns, Nash Finch, Roundy’s, Associated Food Stores, Leader, Good Neighbor Pharmacy, Astrup Drug, Winn-Dixie, Big Y Foods, Harmons Grocery, Walmart Canada, Loblaw’s, Jean Coutu, Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, Sobeys and Lawtons Drugs, among others. PharmaSmart’s PS Data Smart Health IT database holds more than 50 million targeted patient blood pressure readings.


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