Philosys rolls out Gmate SMART blood glucose system to Kmart

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NEW YORK — Philosys Inc. has landed retail distribution for its Gmate SMART Blood Glucose Monitoring System all Kmart pharmacies.


Gmate SMART meter and app

Philosys said Thursday that the system represents the latest in mHealth technology for diabetes management, with the Gmate SMART meter and app delivering fast, accurate blood glucose test results right to a smartphone.

The Gmate SMART connects to a smartphone’s headphone jack, while the Gmate SMART App can be downloaded free at the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

The Gmate SMART App stores an unlimited number of test results electronically with the date and time, eliminating the need to write down blood glucose test results, Philosys noted. Users also can add custom comments, actions or notes to each test result. The app enables users to email or SMS text message any test result or group of results to their doctor, caregiver or family member.

Philosys added that it’s working to create an app-to-cloud secure connection in the next generation of updates, which will allow users to set up personal accounts with a secure login and password. Users will be able to see and manage test results online via a HIPAA-compliant server and share results with their physician or caregiver, who will have the ability to set up alerts when the patient’s test results are out of range.

When an out-of-range test result is logged, the physician or caregiver will receive an email or text notification, prompting them to contact the patient.

At Kmart pharmacy, the Gmate SMART meter has a retail list price of $13.99, and a box of 50 Gmate Test Strips lists for $14.99. Overall, Kmart operates about 720 pharmacies in more than 970 discount stores nationwide.


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