Pill Glide hits pharmacy counter at Publix

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COLUMBIA, Md. — Publix Super Markets Inc. is now carrying FLAVORx Inc.’s new Pill Glide spray in its pharmacies chainwide.

FLAVORx said Pill Glide, designed to help children and adults swallow tablets and capsules more easily, can now be found at the pharmacy counter in strawberry and grape flavors at all 818 Publix pharmacy locations in Florida and Georgia.

Pill Glide is a water-based liquid that is sprayed in the mouth immediately before taking a tablet or capsule. The spray coats the tongue and back of the mouth, helping the medication, vitamin or supplement slide down the throat more easily. Both the strawberry and grape flavors of Pill Glide are sugar-free, dye-free, gluten-free and casein-free, FLAVORx added.

"We’re very excited Publix has taken the initiative to offer Pill Glide to their customers," Stuart Amos, president and chief executive of FLAVORx, said in a statement. "Publix excels with our FLAVORx Pediatric Flavoring system as well, so it’s clear they care deeply about their customers’ well-being and making their health care experience a positive one.”

FLAVORx said Pill Glide was developed by a pharmacist looking for a solution to help customers who complained about trouble swallowing the medications he was dispensing. Further research revealed this is a common problem for many Americans, and studies have shown that 40% of Americans admit to having experienced difficulty swallowing pills, according to the company.

"Feedback on Pill Glide has been phenomenal. We receive messages everyday now from consumers who tell us it’s been a lifesaver for them and from pharmacists who are happy to finally have a product that helps their patients swallow tablets and capsules," commented Chad Baker, FLAVORx’s vice president of marketing.

"Parents are using Pill Glide as a way to teach their children to swallow pills for the first time," Baker added. "People with diabetes are using it to take Metformin. Cancer patients are finding Pill Glide effective at helping them deal with dry mouth and taking so many medications daily. Expectant moms use Pill Glide to help them swallow prenatal vitamins."

Amos noted that Pill Glide can help pharmacies promote medication adherence. "FLAVORx is focused 100% on medication adherence, helping people of all ages take the medications, vitamins and supplements they need to live happier, healthier lives," he stated. "We appreciate and applaud Publix for helping us accomplish our mission of boosting medication adherence with both our FLAVORx Pediatric Flavoring system and Pill Glide."


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