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Publix serves up H1N1 flu shots for $10

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LAKELAND, Fla. — Food and drug retailer Publix is offering customers special pricing on immunizations for the H1N1 flu virus to coincide with National Influenza Vaccination Week.

The company said Wednesday that Publix Pharmacies are offering customers the H1N1 vaccine for $10, and that pricing will remain in effect until the vaccination supply is depleted.

Publix is providing the H1N1 shots on a walk-in basis, but it’s urging customers to call their local Publix pharmacy to ensure that an immunizing pharmacist is on duty and the vaccine is still available at that location.

Large drug chains have been pricing H1N1 vaccinations in the range of $15 to $20.

In addition, Publix said that every customer who receives an H1N1 vaccine from a Publix pharmacy will get a coupon good for a $10 Publix gift card with a new or transferred prescription.

"While influenza is unpredictable, we know that if more people are vaccinated, the disease is less likely to spread in the upcoming months," Publix spokeswoman Maria Brous commented.

Publix’s announcement comes during National Influenza Immunization Week, an effort by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to educate, encourage and engage Americans on the importance of vaccinating against the H1N1 and seasonal flu viruses. It runs January 10 to 16.

Publix operates over 1,000 supermarkets, including more than 800 in-store pharmacies, in five Southeastern states.


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