Purscell takes pharmacy post at Smith Drug

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SPARTANBURG, S.C. — Smith Drug Co. has hired Brian Purscell as senior vice president of pharmacy solutions, a newly created position.

Purscell_Brian_Smith Drug_headshot

Brian Purscell

The J M Smith Corp. subsidiary said Tuesday that Purscell, who joins the company from Walmart, will provide expertise to Smith Drug customers in business strategy and development, market analysis and business growth.

“I am thrilled to be part of Smith Drug Co.,” Purscell said in a statement. “The business of pharmacy, of health care overall, is rapidly changing, and this means there are great opportunities for independent pharmacies to excel in what they have always done best: offer personalized care to patients in their own communities. Smith Drug Co. believes, as I do, that independent pharmacies are unique and incredibly important in the pharmacy landscape. I am looking forward to working with our customers and developing solutions with them that will ensure their success.”

Purscell began his career as a pharmacist with Peoples Drug in Ankeny, Iowa. Later, he went on to serve in executive capacities at McKesson and Walmart, earning recognition for designing and executing a predictive replenishment system for prescription products, increasing sales through market analysis, staff development and business strategy, and improving pharmacy operations with financial and business strategies, according to Smith Drug.

Most recently, Purscell served as regional director of health and wellness at Walmart, which he joined in 2002. Earlier, he was vice president of alternate sites for McKesson Medication Management.

“Brian brings a wealth of experience to us, and that experience will be a great benefit to our customers,” stated Smith Drug president Jeff Foreman. “Smith Drug Co. is dedicated to the growth and vitality of independently owned pharmacies. Adding a veteran pharmacy operations expert to our team is a unique differentiator in the industry. Brian will work with Rick Simerly, our senior vice president of sales, and our team of pharmacy business consultants to offer guidance and experience to our independent pharmacy owners. Brian is a leader who has not only been in their shoes as a pharmacist, but who has a track record of successfully turning even struggling pharmacies into profitable businesses without ever losing sight of why they opened their doors to begin with – to take care of the patient.”

Smith Drug said Purscell is a self-described technology enthusiast, having developed and launched programs that boost efficiency and productivity. The company noted that he formed the nation’s first electronic system for tracking pseudoephedrine sales in a retail setting, refined the Easy Pay system used to expedite the checkout process, and developed an electronic system for conducting annual controlled-substance inventories.

“Smith Drug Co. will now be better able to assist our customers with staffing optimization, front-end merchandising, niche products and solutions, inventory control, workflow, systems optimization, specialty at retail, quality performance scores and much more,” Forecman added. “This will help our customers better serve their patients, increase their sales and grow their bottom line.”



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