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Qore-24 hits shelves at Walgreens stores

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TEMPE, Ariz. — Qore-24, an antimicrobial hand purifier that kills germs for up to 24 hours, has landed retail distribution at Walgreens.

Qore Systems, the maker of Qore-24, said Tuesday that the product began rolling out to 3,700 Walgreens stores nationwide earlier this month.

According to the company, Qore-24 has revolutionized hand sanitizing by using the patented self-assembling technology Amosil-Q, which creates a safe, protective antimicrobial barrier on the skin that kills bacteria, fungi, mold and viruses on contact without harsh chemicals. The barrier lasts 24 hours.

Just one application delivers the same protection as an average alcohol-based sanitizer applied every 30 seconds, or 2,880 times a day, Qore Systems reported. The same application also produces a kill rate of over 99.99%, far exceeding the standards of traditional hand sanitizers, the company noted.

“Qore-24 promotes a healthy lifestyle and active living. This product belongs at the corner of happy and healthy,” stated Vince Adam, co-founder and chief operations officer at Tempe, Ariz.-based Qore Systems. “The partnership with Walgreens will spread the health nationwide, placing 24-hour germ protection in hands across the country.”


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