QS/1 gears up for giving at PDS Conference

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ORLANDO, Fla.— QS/1’s passion to give community pharmacy the resources to succeed in today’s marketplace will be on display at the annual PDS Super-Conference here this week. QS/1 will continue a tradition of honoring pharmacy staff who give so much to their communities. Conference attendees will have a chance to win a grand prize of $1,500 that will be donated to the charity of their choice.

“Pharmacists play a crucial role in the communities where they work and live,” said Kevin Welch, president, Smith Technologies and chief technology officer for J M Smith Corp. “These men and women are a vital link in health care. We want to honor these pharmacists by giving them a chance to win $1,500 to donate to their local charity of choice.”

In keeping with the theme “QS/1 helps you put it all together,” attendees will collect puzzle pieces as they make their way around the conference. Those who complete the puzzle will be eligible for the $1,500 charity donation in their name at the Saturday afternoon drawing, as well as many other exciting prizes. Attendees can begin the journey to complete the puzzle as soon as they register.

Ed Vess, QS/1’s director of pharmacy professional affairs, will host panel discussion at a breakout breakfast on Friday, February 22. The topic of the panel will be “Connecting the Dots of Patient Care” where experts will discuss tools that not only improve patient care but can also enhance business performance.

“These panel discussions give us a unique opportunity to start the conversation,” Vess said. “From there, the group begins to share ideas that get the entire pharmacy community thinking.”

QS/1 will also be showcasing pharmacy management systems that give community pharmacies the power to compete in today’s thriving marketplace. Pharmacists will have the chance to demo NRx, SharpRx, Point-of-Sale, Mevesi, and QS/1’s Interactive Voice Response



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