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QS/1 honors pharmacists at NCPA

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SPARTANBURG, S.C.— QS/1 realizes pharmacy is a noble profession that gives back to the community every day. For their work, QS/1 is honoring pharmacists at the 2018 National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Annual Convention by donating to charities in the name of three pharmacists.

“QS/1 stands with NCPA in supporting the efforts of community pharmacy,” said Kevin Welch, president, Smith Technologies and chief technology officer for J M Smith Corp. “We believe pharmacists play a crucial role in their community’s health and are a vital link in health care. We want to honor pharmacists by giving pharmacists a chance to donate $1,500 to the charity of their choice.”

QS/1 is an active member at NCPA, showcasing pharmacy management systems that give community pharmacies the power to compete in today’s thriving marketplace. Pharmacists will have the chance to demo NRx, PrimeCare, SharpRx, Mevesi, and DeliveryTrack at the Boston conference.

“We believe it is important for companies to be good stewards in their communities,” said Alan Turfe, chairman and chief executive officer of the J M Smith Corporation. “This unique opportunity not only shows we live that standard every day, but by making a contribution in their name we also honor those pharmacy professionals who give of their expertise to help their communities.”

Attendees at NCPA will have the chance to enter three drawings for $1,500 each to be donated to the charity of their choice in their name. Pharmacy professionals attending the NCPA Annual Conference can register beginning Sunday, October 7. QS/1 will randomly select a winner each evening through Tuesday, October 9. The winner can select the qualified charity of their choice and QS/1 will make the $1,500 donation in their name. Conference attendees can enter Sunday, October 7 and be eligible for all three drawings. Entry information can be found at the QS/1 booth #701.




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