QS/1 interfaces with Omnicell’s latest packing software

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SPARTANBURG, S.C. — QS/1 has become the first pharmacy management software vendor to be able to interface with SureMed by Omnicell Guided Packing software.

QS/1 said this week that its interface eliminates the need for entering information twice and enables pharmacists to focus on patient-focused activities because of greater confidence in the accuracy of their hand-packing procedures.

The interface with QS/1’s pharmacy management software also allows labeling information to be printed directly on the SureMed Guided Packing blister card, as well as offers co-branding options that enable pharmacies to print their logo on the cards.

“QS/1 is honored to partner with Omnicell to offer this packaging solution to pharmacies,” stated Tammy Devine, president of QS/1. “This software interface will not only help pharmacies be more productive but will help improve patient medication adherence.”

A cloud-based platform, SureMed by Omnicell Guided Packing software is designed to sharpen pharmacy accuracy in filling SureMed multiple medication blister cards. The application can be accessed from any workstation in the pharmacy with an Internet connection. Technicians are guided by the software via step-by-step procedures, rather than spending valuable time trying to determine the most effective method for filling the blister cards.

“We are pleased to be able to offer increased options and flexibility to our pharmacy partners as they look to scale their adherence programs. Guided Packing is the latest step in this trajectory, helping to make hand packing more accurate for optimal patient safety,” commented Troy Hilsenroth, vice president and general manager of global automation and medication adherence at Omnicell. “Introducing the new packing software interface with a partner such as QS/1 gets us off to a great start.”


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