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QS/1’s PrimeCare moving to J M Smith’s Integra

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LTC pharmacy software transitions to new division

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — QS/1’s PrimeCare long-term care pharmacy software is being transferred to fellow J M Smith Corp. division Integra LTC Solutions.

J M Smith said transition is in process, with many of details still to be finalized with input from customers and staff at Integra and QS/1. With the shift, PrimeCare will fall under the oversight of Kevin Welch, chief technology officer of J M Smith Corporation and president of Integra LTC Solutions.

Kevin Welch_Integra LTC Solutions_JM Smith

Kevin Welch

The move is expected to sharpen the customer focus within both QS/1 and Integra, according to J M Smith.

“Long-term care customers have been asking for focus on their needs,” Welch stated. “More than two-thirds of the long-term care market has chosen to work with us on one or more systems now being serviced by Integra. We value their trust and are dedicating resources to ensure their success.”

Integra has been exclusively in the long-term care market for 20 years, with products and services that have been recognized by the industry, J M Smith noted. QS/1 has served chain and independent pharmacies as well as long-term care pharmacies.

“We are listening to our customers,” commented QS/1 president Saul Factor. “Long-term care pharmacy has different needs from community pharmacy. We’ve taken market feedback to heart; we need to focus on the best solutions for our customers. By transitioning all of our long-term care technology service under one business unit, we strengthen our commitment to and focus on our other markets.”

Named J M Smith’s CTO this summer, Welch founded Integra with the goal of providing much-needed solutions — including DocuTrack, DeliveryTrack and Logix — to the long-term care sector of the pharmacy market.

“PrimeCare staff and Integra staff will now be exclusively dedicated to long-term care customers,” he noted. “This strategic alliance of two iconic brands will increase our agility to provide both the service and solutions that the market needs.”

According to J M Smith chairman and chief executive officer Alan Turfe, the transfer of PrimeCare to Integra puts customers’ needs first. “This commitment is just one example of that: a team of LTC experts focused on delivering what the customer wants, when they want it,” Turfe stated. “Kevin Welch’s background as an innovator and his technology expertise mean that our leading-edge products will help our customers grow their business.”

Along with Integra and QS/1, J M Smith’s business units include Smith Drug Co., Burlington Drug Co. Integral Solutions Group and RxMedic Systems.


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