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RedSail Technologies announces integration between Axys and AR Proactive

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SPARTANBURG, S.C.RedSail Technologies, LLC, developer of Axys, is proud to announce the launch of its integration with AR Proactive, a patient billing and payments automation software.

The integration of Axys and AR Proactive is a significant development that will help healthcare providers streamline their patient billing processes. With the integration, healthcare providers will be able to upload a patient statement file to AR Proactive and then receive payments from patients, similar to the way providers upload claim files to traditional payers and receive payments. Pricing is pay-as-you-go based on the cost of a stamp or email. (Demos can be booked at arproactive.com/demo).

“RedSail Technologies is focused on simplifying the life of pharmacies. AR Proactive is focused on simplifying the patient billing process for pharmacies and speeding up payments while providing a better patient billing experience. This is a perfect partnership: the patient wins and the pharmacy wins,” says Rich Handler, CEO of AR Proactive.

The Axys integration with AR Proactive is part of RedSail Technologies’ ongoing commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that help healthcare providers achieve their business objectives. With this integration, RedSail is helping healthcare providers navigate an ever-changing market landscape with confidence and stability.

RedSail is currently scheduling future implementations of Axys.


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