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Retailers: How much holiday music is too much?

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BELLEVUE, Wash.— Holiday music is an important part of any holiday marketing strategy. But when should a retailer start playing Christmas music and how much is enough? There is much debate on the subject and what a retailer should do largely depends on who the music is targeted to.

Michael DuKane president of Nextune, a well-established streaming music service for retailers and restaurants says,  “Changing music to 100% holiday before Black Friday can be too much, too soon. The best strategy is to blend selected Holiday songs into your regular playlist. That’s why we developed channel playlists that smoothly flow between sets of non-holiday music and Holiday selections. Whether the primary music for a retail store is jazz,rock, pop or country, we have unique blends of holiday channels that mix the best of these genres with Holiday selections that are stylistically similar. This keeps the right sound playing throughout the season without compromising a retailer’s core music strategy. Employees are much happier and consumers are motivated to shop longer.”

When choosing a genre of music to play in a retail store, it’s almost always best to make the choice based on what appeals to the target market. A clothing store for female teenagers might want to play Top 40/Dance Pop music. However, an outdoor clothing store for 30 to 50-year-old males, may find country music to be the right choice. When consumers hear music they like and identify with they’re more likely to make purchases.

Nextune is available as a free download from Apple’s App Store. There is no waiting for equipment or installation. Use an iPhone or iPad to immediately access the right music for the Holidays. New subscribers can try the service free for 30 days to make sure it’s right for them. After the trial period, the subscription costs only $19.99 per month charged to your Apple Pay account. Subscribers can cancel anytime.

For those that don’t want to use an iPad or iPhone and would rather have a dedicated music player for their retail store, Nextune offers its Touch media player. The Touch media player can be remote controlled from a web browser and allows subscribers to schedule programs to play at different times of the day.


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