Revenue generation tops Health Mart Town Hall agenda

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IRVING, Texas — Helping community pharmacies generate more clinical services revenue will be a key focus area for Health Mart as its fifth Town Hall Continuing Education (CE) series gets under way.

Health Mart said it plans to host more than 80 Town Hall CE events nationwide through early 2018. The latest Town Hall series is titled “Revenue Remedies: Inject Profits into Your Business with Expanded Partnerships and Clinical Services.”

The Health Mart Town Hall meetings are designed to pharmacy owners, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians understand and improve the clinical, operational and financial drivers affecting their business. With the new Revenue Remedies events, independent pharmacies will hear from their peers about how to overcome challenges and maximize clinical services to spur revenue and improve patient outcomes.

Each Revenue Remedies workshop features one of 18 highly successful Health Mart owners who will help attendees identify opportunities, address barriers and explore new ways to enhance provider partnerships. In the interactive peer-to-peer sessions, attendees will construct a plan to expand their immunization program, apply steps to ensure medication therapy management is profitable and collaborate with peers on revenue-generating ideas.

“Peer-to-peer networking and peer-led education have proven to be a powerful catalyst in helping our independent pharmacies evolve how they deliver care and drive greater efficiency and profit into their business,” Health Mart presidnet Steve Courtman said in a statement. “Revenue Remedies is the next step in providing the tools and resources they need to transform their business through revenue-generating clinical services and expanding provider partnerships.”

Health Mart noted that its doctor-signed Collaborative Practice Agreement (CPA) program has driven immunizations at its pharmacies, helping them expand their clinical services. Health Mart worked with its third-party provider to expand the program to include customizable CPA templates that allow additional service delivery in the pharmacy and/or in local provider offices, as well as facilitate payment terms for collaborative drug therapy management services. Pharmacist CPA services templates are now available for all 50 states via myHealthMart, where pharmacies can customize and work with local providers to sign. More than 4,000 Health Mart locations currently offer immunizations.

Over the past five years, Health Mart has hosted more than 370 peer-to-peer Town Hall meetings. The Health Mart network, part of McKesson Corp., encompasses over 4,800 independent pharmacies in 50 states.


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