Rexall aims to help prevent the flu

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MISSISSAUGA, Ontario — Rexall Pharma Plus is once again making it convenient for Canadians to receive flu shots, offering vaccinations at all of its stores.

People can get the shots at any Rexall store at any time, with no appointment needed.

“Pharmacies are the face of neighborhood health care that can provide quick and convenient access to services for patients, such as the flu shot,” said Rexall chief executive officer Frank Scorpiniti. “We know that easier access to vaccinations will improve immunization rates in Canada. That’s why Rexall is making it as easy as possible for patients to get their flu shot at any of our stores, any time, any day, and you don’t need an appointment.”

The flu affects 10% to 25% of the Canadian population each year, according to Health Canada. And while most people who get the flu do recover, the flu causes about 20,000 hospitalizations and between 4,000 and 8,000 deaths in Canada each year.

In Canada, flu shots are publicly funded.

“The expanded scope of services being provided by pharmacists, such as flu shots, can have a significant impact on the health and well being of Canadians, but is also helping create more efficiencies in health care, keeping patients out of the emergency room and enabling physicians to concentrate on more serious health issues,” said Scorpiniti.


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